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Web application and Website development company in Nepal

Web application and Website development company in Nepal

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October 25, 2022

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LotusSoft & YoungTech

Web application and Website development company

Today all the information are available on the internet. This helps people to find information about any person or company easily on the internet browser. This is possible with the help of web application and website which are developed by IT Company specializing in web application development. There are thousands of company in each country in the world. There are more than 100s of IT company in Nepal which is developing the website and web application in Nepal. The IT Company does not develop the website by itself. There are web designer, developer and software engineer in the software company.

To build a website, many technologies are used. There are different types of website. The most common websites are dynamic, static, responsive, e-commerce, and so on. This depends on company requirement and company budget. In recent years, dynamic with a responsive website is popular. A responsive website is mobile and tablet friendly too. For the online store, an e-commerce website is required which will be dynamic and responsive too. A small organisation may go for a static website which does not need to update information and content often or has a small budget. A dynamic website is a website where content can be added, edited/changed and deleted by a non-technical person too easily. 

The most common technologies used in website development are HTML, CSS, JavaScript which is used for front end site or which can be seen by end-users or customers. For the database, there are different database systems that can be used such as MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 12c, MariaDB, MS SQL. For the server side scripting language - PHP, python, Asp.net, Java, node.js, ruby, Perl and more are used. All of those are not required to develop a website. One common combination of a dynamic and responsive website is HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL. Even in JavaScript, there are many frameworks such as Anjular.js, React.js, Vue.js, JQuery and more. At server side one popular scripting language is PHP and it has frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Yii, and more. But the most popular frameworks are Laravel and CodeIgniter. The framework helps to development of web application rapidly and easy for maintenance. 

To run a website on the internet browser, the development is not enough; it needs a domain name and server, which is called domain and hosting.

For a person or a company does not necessary to know all about it. Our company, Lotussoft & Youngtech Pvt. Ltd will do all the work and give you a brand new website for any company, organisation, or a person. Our company will use the best suit technology combination for web application development. Our company will give you the best options for web application development required for your company.

In this digital era, a website is very important for a company. It is a brand for a company and marketing for their business and also helps to keep public relations. To be established in the market, the website is the most and basic need of a company. If the nature of the business is store or selling products, an e-commerce website is good to increase their revenues by selling the product online and offline. For the servicing company, the website provides information about the services and customers are attracted to the services and hence increase the revenue of the business.