Best Pharmacy billing software in Kathmandu Nepal

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Pharmacy billing software in Kathmandu Nepal

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October 25, 2022

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LotusSoft & YoungTech

Best Pharmacy billing software in Kathmandu Nepal

This is the era of digital world. The system has changed dramatically. Many organizations are using the system and the rate of using the system is growing constantly daily. Record and data are very important for every organisation. The computerized system made it very easy. The records and data in the hospital are very important. It is very hard to manage the patient data and records by the traditional paper system. The computerized system is very easy as compared to the traditional system. 

Similarly, it is efficient and cost-effective to use a computerized billing system in pharmacy. The pharmacy billing system has stock management too. So it keeps records all in and out of the medicines. This made the pharmacist and owner very easy to be updated with the pharmacy transaction. The billing system has made owner which medicines/drug is expiring soon like in one month, in three months and in six months. Not only this which medicine is going fast and which medicine is going slow, which medicine  has low stock and more. 

Lotussoft and Youngtech Pvt. ltd is a software company in Kathmandu Nepal, which provide such system. The company designs and develops the necessary system required per organisation. Our system are easy to use. Users do not require advanced computer knowledge. If the users know the medicines name, he/she can use this system. We also provide training for the new users, who has never use the system before. We regularly update our software too.