Best Accounting software in Kathmandu Nepal

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Accounting software in Kathmandu Nepal - best and easy accounting software

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October 25, 2022

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LotusSoft & YoungTech

Best Accounting software in Kathmandu Nepal

Lotussoft and Youngtech is a software and IT company in Nepal. We build our own software and distribute to different organisation and business to help the business run smooth and easily without hassle in the business due to the lack of system. 

Most of the business in any form, they have an account in business. Some business use accounting software and easily handle the business. The sales records, purchase records, customers records, vendor records are clean and clear with the help of accounting software or system. If you still using the traditional system, it is hard to view the summary of business daily. The files will be random here and there and the account is not clean and clear. The owner cannot find in one glance whether the business is in loss or profit. But with our accounting software allows the owner to find all summary in just one click. 

The computerized system is best in this digital age. Day by day, every system is digitalizing. Now, even the government offices are digitalizing. They accept the online form. The IRD of Nepal is digital, they are not accepting the paper form anymore. Everything is digital. So, It is very important that every business also moves to a digital system. 

Our accounting system is easy to use, with one hour of training, anyone can use the software. The owner can view the summary every single hour, the expenses, income, and profit. We have a different module, the business owner can choose the module as required for the business. So, any sized business can afford our software. 

We provide training to our client so that they can use it easily in their business, or organization. We regularly update new security features and updates to our software on a regular interval. Our software is tested and tried. 

If you like to watch the demo, please visit our office at Lotussoft and YoungTech, Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal. We can discuss how to set up software to your business.