Pharmacy Billing and Stock Management Software

Pharmacy Billing and Stock Management Software

LSYT - IT provides online pharmacy billing and stock management software which keeps records of medicine's stock, expiry date, suppliers, low stock, and day to day sales records and more. Our software is user friendly. It can be accessed from any device with the help of internet. This software is suitable for the hospital's pharmacy, local pharmacy and polyclinic pharmacy. It is also IRD Verified software.


Some features of this LSYT-pharmasoft are highlighted below.


* Easy online access via mobile, computer from anywhere.

* Total sales records with each bill

* Fiscal year sales with Nepali calender and Nepali date system

* Monthly, Daily sales, returns and net sales

* Patient/customers details with all history

* Product Details with stock record

* Stock record with Mfg. Date, Exp. Date and Expiring soon Notification

* Low stock notification

* The cost of total items

* Total items salable cost price

* Supplier Records

* Record of all bills

* Easy to generate bill

* List of sales return

* Purchase return

* Data backup and store in the cloud

* Restore data when necessary

* Easy company details update

* IRD Verified

* New features update regularly.


Pharmacy Billing and Stock Management Software