Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

Hospital management system software makes management work easier by updating all the tasks in detailed computerized form. Our software is user friendly with the qualities of being easy to use and understand. It can be accessed from any device, anywhere. This software has core features to handle your hospital activities management including your pharmacy. It keeps the record of your patients, staff, pharmacy/medicines information etc. Some of the key features of our hospital management software are:


* Book an appointment with doctor

* Maintain the medical records of patients

* Keeps track of appointment dates

* Information about doctors and their speciality

* Keep records of medicines prescribed to each patient

* Manage records of in-patients with their admission details, bed number, diet, payments and services required.

* Monthly, Daily sales, returns and net sales

* Data backup and store in the cloud

* Data can be restored when necessary

* Easy to use and accessible from any device at any place

* Tracks the bill payments and all transactions.

* Full security of data stored.

* The software can be easily updated if new features are required.

Hospital Management Software

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