Business management software

Business management software

Our business management software is easy-to-use designed to efficiently manage all business-related tasks. This software can be used from any device mobile, PC, tablets etc. This software is designed for you to manage your business activities with less hurdles and in less time. This software gives a birds eye view of the business status to the management team in one look. Some key features of our business management software are:


* Accounting and financial reporting

* Maintains information of all the staffs

* Able to access employee working hours to assign payroll

* Focuses on customer interaction to engage continuous relation with customers

*  Easy to generate Bill/Invoice

* The system has multi-user authentication

* Provides information on customers' personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns

* Payments can be done easily 

* Easy to keep records of VAT/TDS, Sales, Purchases, Expenditure

* Reports are generated with all the necessary information and are easy to be viewed

* User-friendly and can be accessed from any device

* Data backup and store in the cloud

* Data can be restored when necessary

* Full security of data

* Full accounting reports like balance-sheet, trial balance, Profit and Loss, general ledger and more.

Business management software

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