Accounting software to manage your business

Accounting software to manage your business

Lotussoft and Youngtech provide the best, user-friendly, device-friendly accounting software to manage your business online. You can overview your business from any corner of the world with the help of the internet and mobile device or laptop. You can check your balance sheet, trial balance, General Ledger, Income, Expense, profit/loss from online anytime anywhere. Our software is user-friendly, device-friendly, i.e. can be used from a smartphone - mobile, laptop, or pc. For a small company, the owner ownself manage business record like an accountant and can get balance sheet, trial balance, General ledger and all report like income, expense and profit/loss.
Our software is not like Tally, Swastik. It is easy to use. The user does not require all terms of accounting. We made it simple to be used by all business owner or accountant.

Some features of our accounting software is listed below:
* Overview of Income, Expense and profit on Dashboard
* Online accounting software
* Can be accessed from mobile, tablet, PC
* User-friendly and device friendly
* Easy for use for all - owner can keep records by him/herself
* Multi-users authentication
* Different permission to different users
* Easy to view all reports.
* Easy to navigate from one to another menu
* Easy to generate Bill/Invoice
* Easy to payment
* Easy to keep records of VAT/TDS, Sales, Purchases, Expenditure
* Bank and Cash balance records.

Lotussoft's Easy Accounting Software is useful for

* Servicing and Trading company
* Consultancy and NGO, INGOs.
* SuperMarket and Retail Store
* Hotel and Restaurant
* Pharmacy and polyclinic & hospital
* Wholesale and distributors
* Manufacturing company and organisation
* Jewellery, shoes, clothes shop and more
* कुनैपनि क्षेत्रकोलागि उपयोगी Accounting Software

Accounting software to manage your business