How Tech saved millions of business during the COVID pandemic

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How Tech saved millions of business during the COVID pandemic

How Tech saved millions of business during the COVID pandemic

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October 25, 2022

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LotusSoft & YoungTech

How Tech saved millions of business during the COVID pandemic

Who do You think might be one of the main victims of the COVID pandemic? It’s in fact businesses and organizations. Well without a doubt we all can agree to this. We have seen the world shutting down. With no access to buy even our basic needs like food, clothes, medical supplies, etc. We have seen tons of companies from clothing to restaurants to clinics losing all their glory and income little by little. But not all companies became victims of this tragedy. Do you know how? It’s because they were introduced to tech. Those companies mainly include companies from the USA, Australia, etc. While the companies in Nepal have been facing a crisis, just cause most of us aren’t familiar with the power tech holds, the diversity technology brings the number of people it engages.

COVID crisis has been the stage where tech showed us its superiority the most. Of course, it was important before too but the amount of business, technology saved during this time is immaculate. Tech would save your business in ways you never thought was possible. You won’t even have to open your store with the risk for your health or debate in the text as to “hello are you really buying the product?”. Why? You have websites, all your items would be uploaded and updated. Your clients can add them directly to the cart, pay the amount, and THE END. See no hassle, they will have their product and you will receive your money. Google shows there are 6 billion websites and more than half of them are e-commerce sites. You might not believe in others, but the statistics don't lie. Even in Nepal, there are companies that shifted to tech and have e-commerce sites for makeup, clothing, medical, etc. Without an exception, they have been doing their business exceptionally well even during this pandemic. And now it is your time to flourish your business transaction through technology. If you’re thinking about launching a website for your company, then working with Lotussoft & Youngtech will be the best option for you. We offer you dynamic, responsive, secured cloud sites. Always feel free to contact us even if you are in a dilemma and need advice.


Now, a website does not have to be an e-commerce site only. Websites don’t come in one form. People are smart these days. They are always up for exploring and learning more. You might have the most amazing, extraordinary cafe, hotels but your customers are fewer, and do you know why? People these days whenever they want to go somewhere they google. Suppose if I want to go to a good restaurant then I’ll search for a restaurant on Google. And by viewing their sites I will choose the place. This would come off even more important to tourists as their only friend would be google. Let us help you expand your business in Nepal and worldwide. Due to COVID people most probably all are just surfing on the internet planning to visit the next best place as soon as this ends. Let that place be yours and we will help you with it. Also, If you’re an artist, photographer, doctor, makeup guru, etc. Then a website would be the best way to enhance your work. We can create a portfolio to share your work with the world. Wait a couple of months and who knows you might get a call for work from left and right while just staying at home in this pandemic. 

We all have been introduced to work from home. But is work from home really effective? COVID has affected all of us physically, mentally, and emotionally. We might not have the same interest in work like we had before. Our billing and accounting management might not be as accurate as it used to be before. Also employing good employers at this crisis with closed business is not a good idea this will eventually affect our business. So here is a good solution. Shift your business to tech. There are tons of software built just to help you with these problems. That too performed accurately all the time, 100% safety guaranteed, and will save you a lot of money than hiring an employee. You might not carry the capability to work with so much happening in this crisis but your software will, every day. If you are looking for ranges of good software for your company, we have those too. Please view them in our product section


COVID sure has brought us lots of issues and disappointments. We had some of our worst days in business due to this. We all hope for this to end soon, so we can all socialize like before without masks and sanitizers every minute. We hope you will reach the max of your business. Hope this will come to an end very soon and even after this, please have your business in tech, launch your websites or software. Who knows what might come next? For that let’s be prepared beforehand. Have a good day!