Best restaurant billing and management software

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Best restaurant billing and management software in Nepal

Best restaurant billing and management software in Nepal

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October 25, 2022

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LotusSoft & YoungTech

Best restaurant billing and management software

Today, technology makes hard work simple and easy. Everything is within the tip of the finger. Why do you go through traditional or manual tedious paperwork if it just far from your mobile fingertips? This generation is a digital world. The data are on the cloud. Everything is under a system and can be controlled by a computer system. 

So, if you still thinking or in dilemma to put a system for your business, don't be a dilemma, and hurry to adapt the technology required for your business. If you are the owner and your staff are running your restaurant. Your restaurant in the city centre of Kathmandu and you are in Pokhara now. If you wondering how the business going on now. It's simple today, our restaurant billing and management system can show you how it is going by just login in your mobile or laptop with the help of internet. 

Lotussoft & Youngtech is one of the best software company in Kathmandu Nepal that provides the services and products to all over Nepal and even worldwide. We design and build best-customized software too as required for the business. 

Some feature of our restaurant software are as follow: 

  • * Easily access via mobile, computer from anywhere, so, no need to stick to one device only.
  • * Different user with the different permission level
  • * Multiple users
  • * Total sales records with each bill details
  • * Monthly, Daily and net sales
  • * Customers purchase history if customers name selected on billing.
  • * Product Details with stock record tracking
  • * Supplier Records and details
  • * Record of all bills and transaction
  • * Easy to generate bill
  • * Data backup and store in the cloud
  • * Restore data when necessary
  • * Easy company details update
  • * New features update regularly. 

These features are some features out of many features that our restaurant billing and management software. We would like to make more impact on business profit and control the leakage in the business. LSYT (Lotussof and Youngtech) provide training and solutions for your business in your inner business too. We like to work in-hand to hand with your business to grow your business. To grow your business is our motto and we are happy at that.  

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